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 Sigma Females do not conform to the societal heirarchy even though we rise to the top of it. We are not rejected because of this choice. We have the same success, drive and intellect as any Alpha would but they are NOT who we wish to be. Even if we have lot of friends we are still loners. We have people who dislike us, but do we care? No. We do our own thing in our own way. We are not concerned about what others think of us. People are genuinely interested in our uniqueness because of that. We care about improving ourselves, becoming our best selves. We spend so much time alone to reflect, plan and execute. We have natural God-Given social skills that we rarely put to use. We may use social media sparingly but it is not our obsession.

Some of us lead. Some of us don't. What we refuse to do is follow. We do what we want respectfully. Strong in character and our emotions are not our weakness. We have a common bond.


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