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Our mentorship programs are carefully designed and will lead you into better career opportunities and  successful business ownership. However, as a mentee you must be committed to expanding your capabilities and achieving personal goals. Our program will only bring results to those who are willing to show vulnerability and explore different paths and perspectives. Sometimes being responsible and accountable for your movements and growth can be difficult and that's when a mentor can come into play. Below are a list of programs that fit where you currently are in your stage in life. At The Sigma Female we believe in the impact of mentees learning from our mentors in a one-on-one partnership built on trust & respect. Our programs and premier network is dedicated to girls & women all over the world who want to pursue their professional potential. 


Each program we offer encourages diversity of thought, raising visibility, and empowering women at every career stage. We help women find their personal path to success.  Here we embrace ambition.


Our Services

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